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Like a For Beauty Pros!
Find Your Perfect Match

A new FREE app that matches you with your perfect hair stylist or beauty pro based on specialty services, location, price, lifestyle, & personal values.
For A Stylist You Love

The Client/Stylist relationship is so important. Let's be honest, you sit for hours at a time with this person every few weeks, and it shouldn't feel like a chore! Find a stylist you actually vibe with to make getting your hair done a fabulous experience with the right person.
Never Go To A Wrong Stylist Again

Needless to say, in this day and age stylists have developed some serious specialties (and they're really good at them!!) Your extension specialist doesn't prefer to take hair cuts. Your blonde-ing specialist doesn't prefer to do vivid colors! With TrueKonnect, you'll get pair with a stylist perfect for your #hairgoals!

You Make The First Move

At TrueKonnect, clients make the first move! Swipe, Vibe, and Message stylists who catch your eye and match with you based on your personal preferences! Stylists can only reach out to you if you've messaged them first!

Find Your Perfect Match

A new FREE app that matches you with a hairstylist based on specialty services, location, price, lifestyle, & personal values.
Find Clients You Love

Your time is valuable. Say goodbye to the clients who make you feel like a slave to the chair, and say hello to the ones you actually vibe with!

Make more money

TrueKonnect will be matching you with people looking for your specialty! Plus, When you konnect with your ideal client, you’ll be able to charge what you’re worth and they’ll be happy to pay for your services. That means new customers in your salon and increased profitability!
Do hair you love

Stop taking everyone just to pay the bills. Let us konnect you with those who have the type of hair you enjoy doing the most!

Matching based on things that really matter.
Teresa Young, TrueKonnect Founder
Why TrueKonnect?
TrueKonnect is a new way to konnect with great stylists—but not just any great stylist. We have a twist…

You can find stylist ratings anywhere, but there's no telling if you’ll actually enjoy your time and experience with them. That’s because, while everyone else focuses on professional ability, TrueKonnect combines it with the relationship that develops during the service.

Of course, we vet our stylists to make sure they are top-tier, so you’ll consistently meet and match with only skilled pros with real-world experience—but our main focus is on your personal interaction experience. Start Konnecting Now!
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The first ever mobile app created to match clients with their perfect hair or make-up pro.
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